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I spent 15 years in advertising as a senior account service, and company, director.

Since 1990 I have managed my own marketing communications business in Melbourne.

My client base has included companies and organisations concerned with the marketing of food products; wine production; education; health and nutrition; community health; pharmaceutical and healthcare products and services; travel and accommodation; textile arts; photography; industry associations and the manufacturing and recycling of steel products:

Australian Dairy Corporation
Canned Food Information Service
Food & Nutrition Program, Victorian Dept of Health
Gilbert Chandler
National Steel Can Recycling Council
NSW Health Department
Public Health Association

 For these clients I have undertaken a range of tasks which have included:

  • planning and executing strategic marketing communications
  • designing, writing and publishing online web pages, consumer newsletters and client industry information
  • promoting web sites and driving traffic to them
  • writing and editing a range of educative materials for students and their teachers and for health professionals
  • commissioning and briefing specialist illustrators and photographers for a wide range of print materials
  • detailed analysis of client commissioned research
  • successful PR/media relations campaigns.

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