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The four step web site development process

The web site development process I enjoy undertaking with each of my clients includes:

1. Learning about your business

  • Understanding your target audience whether business to business or direct to end user customers
  • Researching your business and evaluating its opposition

2. Planning

  • Determining the image, or personality, your business or service should project
  • Defining objectives and devising strategies to meet them
  • Site mapping and page schematics
  • Reviewing and auditing site content

3. Site design and building

  • Developing visual concepts, including designing corporate logo if needed
  • Content creation, gathering or editing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Creation of pages, proofing and testing
And finally...
4. Marketing your web site

Every web site needs to be marketed. The World Wide Web is full of great sites which no one knows are there and have little chance of being found.

I know how to drive traffic to a web site and have helped deliver thousands of customers to my client's sites. I encourage all clients to monitor traffic to their web sites to ensure that objectives are being met.


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